Prior to the formation of RLCWA and construction of the water system, residents of southern Lorain county and surrounding areas were unable to depend upon ground water or other sources of potable water and thus relied upon cisterns, individual wells and tank deliveries to supply their water needs. The leaders of the communities that constituted the original Authority members met in the fall of 1973 to discuss their collective water needs.


The Authority was formed in 1973 pursuant to Chapter 6119 of the Ohio Revised Code upon petition of sixteen townships and two villages by Preliminary Judgment Entry of the Lorain County Court of Common Pleas.  After compliance with all requirements of the Preliminary Entry, a final Judgment was entered in April 1974. Upon formation, the Authority adopted a set of rules and regulations that established the respective responsibilities and duties of the Authority and its customers and by-laws that provide for the internal governance.


The Board meets once each month in public meetings to discuss policy and to act upon resolutions presented by members and the Authority’s staff.


Geographically, the water system is currently comprised of all or part of 28 contiguous Ohio townships, six villages and one city primarily located in Lorain County, Ohio. The total land area of these townships, villages and city is in excess of 680 square miles.